Add value, not cost;
sell value, not price!

Reilly Sales Training

Reilly Sales Training is a St. Louis-based, privately owned company specializing in training business-to-business salespeople, sales managers, and customer service professionals on Value-Added Selling. We do this though public seminars and in-house custom training.

We are the Value-Added Selling specialist. Our founder literally wrote the book on it. Value-Added Selling is a content-rich message of hope: You can compete aggressively and outsell the competition while maintaining your profitability. The theme of this customer-oriented philosophy is add value, not cost; sell value, not price.

In a competitive market, differentiation is key. What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should customers buy from you? How can you get them to return to you, again and again? What if I told you that you can compete aggressively and outsell the competition while maintaining your profitability? It’s possible through Value-Added Selling.

Value-Added Selling is a business philosophy. It’s a process that involves proactively looking for ways to enhance, augment and enlarge your bundled package for the customer. It is promising a lot and delivering more. It is contributing maximum value to the customer relationship. It is selling to the customer’s needs, not against the competition.

Reilly Sales Training also develops and delivers customized sales training solutions. Our approach is simple, customized training solutions centered on the client’s needs. These are some of the questions we help sales organizations answer…

  • How to differentiate our solution?
  • Why should the customer buy our solution?
  • How to sell against cheap low-price competition?
  • How to compete on the total value of our solution?
  • How to de-commoditize our solution?
  • How to compete on value not price?
  • How to establish a sales process for our sales force?

Reilly Sales Training will host several public seminars throughout the year at their St. Louis sales training facility. Our St. Louis sales training facility is conveniently located twenty minutes west of St. Louis Lambert airport. Click here for additional information on our next public sales seminar.

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“Paul and I met prior to the presentation and he identified our needs. He followed that line very well and also implemented his own agenda which was right on target. The presentation was top shelf, professionally done, and the value was great! Thanks to Paul for another great job.”

Mark, VP-Sales at Midwest Industrial Rubber

“I recently attended one of Paul’s seminars to help my business achieve better results. The information shared was extremely timely, in-depth, and I was able to implement many ideas the very next day. I attend 2-3 sales seminars a year and this one kept me engaged the entire time and felt it added value to my business. I would recommend using Paul to help achieve better results within your company and sales force.”

Tim, Financial Advisor with MassMutual Financial Group

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