Inside Sales 101


There are more opportunities to grow your business inside the organization than outside. Consider how often your inside salespeople interact with customers. Are you taking advantage of these opportunities? Has your team been trained to fully capitalize on these opportunities? According to the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), training and development of inside salespeople is the number one challenge facing sales organizations.

The reactive nature of your customers’ business implies that it is okay to reactively serve customers, when in fact, customers count on you to proactively anticipate their needs. In Inside Sales 101, we teach your inside salespeople these skills. Here are the topics covered in this training.

  • Enlarging the role of inside salespeople
  • Customer messaging
  • Differentiating your solution
  • Proactive selling tactics
  • Cross-selling activities
  • The importance of team selling
  • The four components of the inside sales call
  • Using the GAP® Probing Model to uncover customer needs
  • Proactively serving the customer using the GUARD® Method

After this training, participants will be able to

  • List three ideas to be more proactive;
  • Detail your organization’s key differentiators;
  • List three ideas to cross-sell more effectively;
  • Detail the four components of the inside sales call; and
  • Demonstrate the GAP® Probing Model in a role-play setting.

Value proposition for this training: When your team applies the Inside Sales 101 tactics, they will serve customers more conscientiously and sell more effectively. They will demonstrate this behavior by proactively suggesting complementary products and services, anticipating the customer’s needs, and communicating effectively with the customer.

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