Are You Selling Apples or Outcomes?

  •  Jun 8, 2017
  •  Sales
  •  Paul Reilly

A couple of weeks ago, we loaded up the family car and made the 45-minute trip to Eckert’s Farm in Belleville, IL. You can pick apples in the Fall and strawberries in the Spring. Eckert’s Farm is packed with families canvassing the orchard to pick fresh produce. It’s a great time.

However, people are not visiting Eckert’s to just buy produce. If they were just buying produce, they would go to their neighborhood store. People drive the extra 40 minutes to get something more. Eckert’s might offer fresh produce, but they’re selling you an experience.

The Eckert’s Farm mission is to create family memories. They just happen to use freshly picked fruit to achieve their mission. The fruit is what you buy, but creating a family memory is the greater outcome you receive. Eckert’s sells you the outcome, not just the fruit.

Are you selling the “fruit” or the outcome?

Too many salespeople just sell product. If you’re just selling product, you open the door to too much competition. Customers don’t buy products, they buy outcomes. On your next sales call, focus on selling the outcome of your product.

Before your next presentation, ask yourself, “What outcome does the buyer gain from our product or service?” Maybe the buyer gains efficiency, time savings, or profit. Whatever they gain is your value proposition. Eckert’s customers gain a family memory. What do your customers gain?

For example, imagine you’re selling bolts. You may sell the same bolt as your competitor, but you provide the customer with quicker delivery. Quicker delivery will save the customer time. If you only focus on selling bolts, you’re the same as the competition. Don’t sell the bolts, sell the time savings.

In your next sales presentation, sell the outcome of your solution. Look downline, into the future, and detail the outcome buyers gain. Don’t just sell the “fruit,” sell the outcome.

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