Training Methodology

Train – Retain – Reinforce

Training and development is more than a single event. At Reilly Sales Training, we view training and development as an ongoing process. Therefore, we take a three-pronged approach to drive behavioral change: Train – Retain – Reinforce.


Training is the acquisition of knowledge. Training is only one aspect of the process and it is a logical place to start. Your people must be given the tools before they can execute. Our training is highly interactive and customized for your organization. Transfer of training is most likely when the learning environment mimics the real world. Every effort is made to make the training world similar to the real world. Here are some of the steps we take to customize the training:

  • Pre-seminar customer analysis
  • Field visit or interview with sales and service professionals
  • Industry analysis
  • Role-play development


Retention is committing what you have learned to memory. Keeping the information top-of-mind happens through practice, execution, and repetition. The structured learning approach requires management’s full commitment to internalize the message. Here are some of the retention tools used to facilitate retention:

  • Follow-up training newsletters
  • Field sales guides
  • Field coaching guides for management
  • Monthly review guides for management


Reinforcement is building and strengthening the skills that your salespeople have acquired. The best salespeople are the ones that admit they can always get better. In the reinforcement stage we continue to strengthen their skills and develop new skills. Here are the reinforcement techniques we use to strengthen your salesforce:

  • Follow-up training
  • Training webinars and conference calls
  • Field coaching session with sales team

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